Strafford Historical Society

Our Historical Society was organized in 1983 to help with the preservation of our town’s heritage for the education and enjoyment of future generations.  We are organized as a tax-exempt 501 C (3) organization under New Hampshire state law, so contributions from our members and friends are tax exempt.

The Society holds meetings every other month. At each meeting, committee reports and a business meeting are followed by a program and refreshments.  Recent speakers have given talks on blueberry farming, local geology, archaeology, and Civil War flags.   Each summer our July meeting is a road tour to visit the history of one Strafford neighborhood.  Our committees, including Austin Hall, Waldron Store, Archives and Artifacts, and Programs work to plan events and coordinate restoration and maintenance of our buildings.   
Much remains to be done.  Donations and volunteer labor are always needed and new members are always welcome.  Annual memberships begin at $6 for an individual or $10.00 for a family/organization/small business, and higher levels of membership are encouraged. Larger donations intended to provide for future events or income are always welcome.